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What is Webzine?

Once upon a time, Adobe Systems gave a gentleman named Srini Kumar $1500 to throw a party. So we did. We invited our friends and a few of their friends. That was 1998. Next year, we did it again. This time it was in a big ass warehouse and we invited everyone we knew. We got volunteers, sponsors and lots of old Wired magazines to cut up and make into badges. We had interesting people show up and talk about their websites, even the mayor of San Francisco. We invited SRL and went out with a bang. In 2000, we did it once again, this time at a different big ass warehouse. More speakers, more volunteers, more sponsors and more old Wired magazines to cut up. Hundreds of people turned up. In 2001, some of the people who showed up the previous years decided it was time to take it to New York City. In the dark basement of CBGB’s Gallery, Webzine culminated with Michael Moore ranting about how zinesters were going to revolutionize everything. Then the bubble burst and technology didn’t seem that fun anymore. Four years later and there’s plenty to be excited about. Technology has made it easier to blog, share, podcast and publish. So we’re doing it again in 2005. For the complete history, read Ryan Junell’s 15 Megs of Fame.

Dude, the web is totally corporate. Why now?

Unlike so many of the companies that are dust after the dot-com bust, many webzine creators from back in the day are still around doing interesting things. Some continue to do their thing, some have gone corporate and some have gone on to create interesting new tools that have made it easier for a new generation of independent publishers and creators to express themselves. We think it’s easier today to take an idea or vision and make it real. You don’t need to know HTML or CSS or CGI to express yourself online. Webzine is all about celebrating the true independent creators of our time.

Isn’t webzine just another term for blog, relegated to the dustbin of Internet history?

Ah cynical reader. Sure, blogs are a form of webzine but they are but just one example. A strict definition could be that a webzine is an online magazine, periodically produced and somewhat edited with roots in ‘zine culture. Many webzines started out as print ‘zines, themselves birthed in the bowels of the local Kinko’s copy shop. A broader definition, one we’ve always embraced for our conference, is any expression of independent online artistic content. Self-published online newspapers, diaries, photo logs, parody sites, culture jammers, hacktivists, recipe sites, gardening tips, remote hunting sites are all fair game. The idea is to highlight amazing examples of creativity that somehow involves the Internet or networked technologies. Btw, if you’d like to update Wikipedia’s entry on webzine, we’d really appreciate it.

Can I talk about my website?

Of course. There are many opportunities to do so. Get yourself on a panel, be a master, or show it off in the lounge. Also, there will be plenty of ‘open-mic’ moments between sessions to chat about your masterpiece. Please just don’t be boring or we’ll have to lock you in a room with a naked Luster.

This sounds rad. How can I participate?

We think so, and thanks for asking! We definitely need volunteers. In fact, Webzine could only happen due to the generous and amazing help offered up by our volunteer army. If you want to help with planning this thing, we’re all ears. We need coordinators, promoters, geeks, speakers, panelists, sponsors and volunteers. Plug in wherever it feels right.

I am the mack daddy css blog social networking dojo. I NEED to share my expertise with the world. How can I get on a panel?

Our big programming pass has happened... we missed you! But it's not too late to get involved... this is a very democratic event and there are open mics and live projectors that are going to be constantly available for you to talk about your stuff. But if you just gotta be on stage, contact

How can I/my company sponsor Webzine?

Excellent question! Just like all the others, of course. We do need sponsors and we have sponsorship packages to offer. The rub is in exchange for some greenbacks, you’ll get some space in our program, your logo & link from the official Webzine2005 website (you’re already here) and major kudos from the stage in front on an audience that probably already loves you but hasn’t met you. Just like a first date. Oh yeah, there’s also an opportunity to have a table or booth within the conference space. Check out the sponsorship
page or email for more details.

Can you bring Webzine to my city?

We’d love to take Webzine on the road. Webzine was last spotted in New York City 4 years ago. Ever since, we’ve been dreaming of independent publishers in Tulsa, Duluth and St. Paul clamoring to make it happen on their turf. We like travelling and would love to help you realize our collective dream in your city. We’re not above crashing on your couch.

I’m poor, is this gonna be another big dollar, pretenious dot-com circle jerk party?

As much fun as it is to load up on free booze and useless shwag from big dollar junkets funded by now defunk dot-coms, we PROMISE not to emulate their tragic path. All previous Webzine events have been under $10 admission and we promise to keep it super cheap and and mega fun, just like what you’ve come to expect from us.

I’m a conservative independent publisher… San Francisco scares me, but I want my voice represented.

Bring it on! Seriously, if you’re willing to brave standing in front of our audience, we’ll find a way to let you be heard. If you happen to be a blogger from a fictitious news agency with a White House press clearance or are funded by conservative think tank, all the better!

I’m a CEO of a Fortune 500 company and I just launched my blog. You interested?

Can you get us a free car? Even for just the day? We’re really happy that executives from corporate America have finally caught on to this crazy blogging thing. Seriously, we love disintermediation and that makes you independent, or something.

Will I get laid?

We get this one a lot. While we can’t really mediate social awkwardness or lock our beautiful volunteers into a sexual contract, we will say that there have been several hookups in the past. Organizers and panelists alike have met the love of their life at our event. Some are even still together, happily. Are you next?

Where is the after party?

Oh yeah. This is the REAL reason we like to organize Webzine. Well, this and the getting laid part. This is San Francisco. Events don’t happen in this town without at least a handful of after parties around them. As this will be a 2-day event, expect multiple opportunities for partying, before and after. Ask us as we get closer to the event.

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